This Complete Blender Learning Kit Will Boost Your 3D Skills

The kit includes all the essential tools to begin or improve your skills with this free, open-source 3D art software.

If you've ever wanted to start your journey with Blender or get more skillful with this free, open-source 3D art software, then this complete Blender learning kit might come in handy.

With this all-inclusive bundle, you can explore a wide range of topics, such as animation, rigging, modeling, and environmental art. The information shared by can boost your creations with the Alpha Brush Packs and materials provided, allowing you to add intricate details to your artwork. By purchasing this kit, you also contribute to the noble cause of supporting One Tree Planted. It's a good opportunity to get a complete Blender learning package while making a positive impact.

As I mentioned before, offers a whole diversity of topics. For example, take a look at this course, which provides you with all the necessary information on animating and rigging models and characters. 

Besides, if you want to become a master of Blender material nodes, then make sure to check out this course. Here you'll gain the ability to create realistic shaders without depending on images and expand your expertise in a multitude of utility nodes for math, vector math, and color and value manipulation. You'll improve your procedural texturing skills by developing your customizable procedural materials and textures for any Blender project. This hands-on course covers a wide range of textures, from beginner to advanced levels, including mud shader, wood shader, and brick shader. Throughout the course, you will acquire advanced techniques that can be applied to create any materials you can imagine.

Additionally, the course will focus on optimizing your workflow to enhance efficiency and speed. As you progress, you will develop the skills to craft spectacular textures, unlocking your potential as a Blender Material Nodes Master. 

Here are some more courses: 

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