This NPR Ocean Waves Simulation Was Set Up in Blender

The creator utilized Eevee in the upcoming Blender 4.0 to render the sim.

Once again, Mingwei "CMZW" Lim, a 3D Technical Artist specializing in the creation of stunning visual effects and animations, has left us speechless, showcasing yet another remarkable setup achieved with Blender, an open-source 3D software for modeling, texturing, rendering, animation, and VFX.

In this instance, the artist has demonstrated a smooth ocean waves simulation with adjustable parameters, all achieved through Blende and its shader nodes. As noted by the author, the new project was set up in Blender 4.0, an upcoming version of Blender currently in Beta, and rendered using Eevee. However, the creator has mentioned that with minor tweaks, it can also be compatible with Cycles.

As always, the creator has also shared a comprehensive breakdown of the effect, allowing you to easily recreate the result:

Earlier, CMZW also presented Space Marble, a pixelated recreation of Earth as seen from space, a jiggly pudding simulation made with Simulation Nodes, a neat real-time compositor glitch effect, a marvelous school of procedural fish made for Nodevember 2022, and an Impossible Ring, a Blender-made brainbreaker designed to confuse the observer. You can check out all of these projects and more by visiting the artist's ArtStation and Twitter pages. 

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