Tile Set for Pixel Platformers
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Tile Set for Pixel Platformers
26 May, 2017
Working on a pixel game? Check out this high-quality tile set that will help you build levels really quickly with great colors and options for ramps, floating platforms and background/foreground for greater depth.

The set features 78 tiles with:

  • 32×32 px tiles
  • Grass tiles
  • Dirt tiles
  • Dirt to grass and grass to dirt seamless connection tiles
  • Ramp tiles
  • Inner corner tiles
  • Outer corner tiles
  • Foreground and background tiles with different color palette to create levels with more depth

All the assets can be used in commercial or non-commercial projects for games only. You cannot resell or modify these assets to sell under a different name.

Get the pack for $5

Source: Gumroad

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