Toolbag 3.04 Beta Build 2 Available
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7, Mar — 1, Jun
SEATTLE US   19, Apr — 22, Apr
Kharkiv UA   20, Apr — 21, Apr
Los Angeles US   23, Apr — 25, Apr
Breda NL   24, Apr — 25, Apr
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by Stijn van Gaal
2 hours ago

yeah thats what I have as well. Its enough but in 2 years you'll probably want a little more. At least 32 gb ram for a little more serious work.

by Ryan Kingslien
21 hours ago

So proud of you Alina!!!!!!

Toolbag 3.04 Beta Build 2 Available
11 April, 2018

Marmoset has presented Toolbag 3.04 Beta Build 2. The team has improved the baker and added a number of other cool goodies. Let’s study the latest build. 


  • Viewer animation support, and new shaders/features
  • Revised baker UI, texture set support, many new maps and AO improvements
  • Cascading shadow maps, better shadow quality, and new super high res option
  • Volumetric (shadowed) fog
  • Free desktop app for viewing .mview files included, will be free for the public as well


  • Numerous misc bug fixes for animation system
  • Animation support
  • Multiple cameras
  • Refraction shader
  • Fog (shadowed)
  • Shadow catcher object
  • High DPI support
  • High-res thumbnail option
  • Reduced memory use
  • Reduced mview file sizes


  • Skew/offset painting now supported across multiple texture sets
  • Unique skew and offset maps per texture set
  • High poly normal map detail now bakes to normals output
  • Checkbox for active texture sets
  • Cage opacity setting
  • Dither setting for Thickness map
  • Flip Y now works for preview material
  • Object ID map no longer uses sub-objects
  • All outputs should save as expected now
  • More image file formats now available from save as dialog
  • Non-square outputs no longer crash
  • Padding with layered PSD output is now fixed
  • AO bugs on Mac cleared up
  • Lighting maps now work correctly with metalness workflow content
  • Misc bug fixes
  • Texture set support
  • AO dithering and per-group Ignore Groups exclusion setting (for moving parts)
  • Revised UI with configurable map selection and preset loading/saving
  • Master tangent space setting
  • Skew/offset map resolution setting
  • Many new maps:

— Cavity/Convexity (these replace the R/G curvature option)
— Bent normals
— Thickness
— Diffuse/specular/complete lighting maps
— Object, Group and UV masks
— Alpha (from high poly mesh)
— Wireframe
— Albedo (metalness)
— Roughness
— Metalness
— Transparency (from high poly material)
— Emissive


  • Misc bug fixes
  • Cascading shadow maps for directional lights
  • Improved shadow coverage and reduced shadow artifacts
  • Ludicrous shadow resolution setting


  • Bloom artifacts resolved
  • DOF blockiness cleared up
  • DOF resolution discrepancies significantly improved, viewport now matches renders
  • Shadowed fog
  • gITF exporting
  • Viewport performance boost button (temporarily turns off expensive effects)
  • Camera near plane setting (helps with large scenes)
  • Updated Substance support
  • 16 bit PNG support
  • 32 bit HDR render support
  • Extended Python support
  • STL model loader
  • Misc improvements and bug fixes

You can find links to the latest version here

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