Toolbag 3.04 Beta Build 2 Available
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Moscow RU   16, Oct — 18, Oct
Helsinki FI   17, Oct — 25, Oct
Minsk BY   17, Oct — 19, Oct
London GB   22, Oct — 23, Oct
Singapore SG   23, Oct — 25, Oct
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To be honest? What was Star Wars? George Lucas!!! It was cool back then in the 70 ties! Nothing ever before was like it..and it had character! 2 little shiny robots that behaved like humans! The n th sequal of something that was major in the past...! My advice? Start something new dont copy Star Wars...and give it some heart again! Put the industry to shame!!!😉 my 2 cents..

by Thomas Guillemot
8 hours ago

Well that's a lot of hats !

by Thomas Van Fossen
13 hours ago

So why not finish the project but making it super generic? Strip all star wars terms out. Then when the game is finished, allow for modders to make a conversion mod that will reinsert the star wars material? That way he can finish it and we all can get what we want and no one has to give up on their dreams.

Toolbag 3.04 Beta Build 2 Available
11 April, 2018

Marmoset has presented Toolbag 3.04 Beta Build 2. The team has improved the baker and added a number of other cool goodies. Let’s study the latest build. 


  • Viewer animation support, and new shaders/features
  • Revised baker UI, texture set support, many new maps and AO improvements
  • Cascading shadow maps, better shadow quality, and new super high res option
  • Volumetric (shadowed) fog
  • Free desktop app for viewing .mview files included, will be free for the public as well


  • Numerous misc bug fixes for animation system
  • Animation support
  • Multiple cameras
  • Refraction shader
  • Fog (shadowed)
  • Shadow catcher object
  • High DPI support
  • High-res thumbnail option
  • Reduced memory use
  • Reduced mview file sizes


  • Skew/offset painting now supported across multiple texture sets
  • Unique skew and offset maps per texture set
  • High poly normal map detail now bakes to normals output
  • Checkbox for active texture sets
  • Cage opacity setting
  • Dither setting for Thickness map
  • Flip Y now works for preview material
  • Object ID map no longer uses sub-objects
  • All outputs should save as expected now
  • More image file formats now available from save as dialog
  • Non-square outputs no longer crash
  • Padding with layered PSD output is now fixed
  • AO bugs on Mac cleared up
  • Lighting maps now work correctly with metalness workflow content
  • Misc bug fixes
  • Texture set support
  • AO dithering and per-group Ignore Groups exclusion setting (for moving parts)
  • Revised UI with configurable map selection and preset loading/saving
  • Master tangent space setting
  • Skew/offset map resolution setting
  • Many new maps:

— Cavity/Convexity (these replace the R/G curvature option)
— Bent normals
— Thickness
— Diffuse/specular/complete lighting maps
— Object, Group and UV masks
— Alpha (from high poly mesh)
— Wireframe
— Albedo (metalness)
— Roughness
— Metalness
— Transparency (from high poly material)
— Emissive


  • Misc bug fixes
  • Cascading shadow maps for directional lights
  • Improved shadow coverage and reduced shadow artifacts
  • Ludicrous shadow resolution setting


  • Bloom artifacts resolved
  • DOF blockiness cleared up
  • DOF resolution discrepancies significantly improved, viewport now matches renders
  • Shadowed fog
  • gITF exporting
  • Viewport performance boost button (temporarily turns off expensive effects)
  • Camera near plane setting (helps with large scenes)
  • Updated Substance support
  • 16 bit PNG support
  • 32 bit HDR render support
  • Extended Python support
  • STL model loader
  • Misc improvements and bug fixes

You can find links to the latest version here

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