Toolbag 3.04 Hotfix
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Toolbag 3.04 Hotfix
13 May, 2018

A couple of days ago, the Marmoset team has released an update for Toolbag 3.o4 to resolve some issues that been spotted since the official release. All you need to do is to launch the tool and click on the update prompt to get the latest patch.

The list of fixes:


  • Skew/offset maps and settings now load and save to file correctly
  • Undo no longer clears skew/offset maps and settings
  • We fixed some recursive normal mapping bugs in cases where the high and low poly meshes shared the same material – the high was getting the normal map content from the bake and baking it back down to the low, resulting in bakes that got worse the more times you baked
  • We resolved issues with normal map material baking and detail normals
  • Soften no longer applies to material ID/material type bakes
  • Fixed issues with the AO cavity setting
  • Fixed vertex color sRGB bug
  • Fixed baking normal maps in objects with many materials
  • Painter window no longer jumps when undoing.
  • Fixed case where baker would output black when changing the resolution and painting over skew/offset maps.
  • Fixed issue where setting the Preview Material in the baker wouldn’t refresh the Material Window-
  • Toggling material field textures now disables that texture when baking


  • Fixed issue with looping that caused certain scenes to play back incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with light color not coming through
  • Fixed a crash bug with animated FBX files with null animations


  • Fixed a fog bug that was causing flickering during playback


The news was originally shared on Facebook by Joe Wilson.

Source: Facebook

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