Tools for Unity: Working with 3D Meshes

Check out 4 packs with Unity extension tools that will help you with modeling, tweaking, and modifying your meshes.

Voxel Importer

This tool from AloneSoft is especially perfect for developers who work with MagicaVoxel.


  • Skinned Animation support (Create skinned mesh)
  • Frame Animation support (Swap mesh engine)
  • Mecanim Humanoid support
  • ScriptedImporter support
  • Optimize low poly mesh
  • Collada Exporter
  • The source code is all C#
  • All source code is included

Mesh Slicer

Simulate slices within minutes with Mesh Slicer by Seas Bz.

  • Synchronous/Asynchronous slice;
  • Slice meshes with colliders converting BoxCollider, SphereCollider, and CapsuleCollider to MeshCollider;
  • Skinned mesh support (beta version)
  • Easy to extend;
  • Very fast algorithm (just take a look at reviews);
  • Smart optimization. So after slice, you will not see any redundant triangles or vertex due to slice;
  • Slice by plane;
  • Slice by knife (examples).

Mesh Deformer

Adjust and tweak meshes with editor extension from Vadim Andriyanov.


  • X, Y, Z axis bending;
  • Mesh twisting and thickness editing;
  • Configurable curve approximation level and count per mesh;
  • Configurable spacing between meshes;
  • Spline loops, smoothing, control point modes, control points editing (snap mode);
  • Non-deforming (rigid mode);
  • Mesh subdivision (increase tris count);
  • Combine meshes;
  • Pivot point editing;
  • Work with multi-material meshes;
  • Full editor Undo/Redo support;
  • Runtime Editor (Experimental);


Prototype a game level or create a static mesh quick and easy with Unity extension from tripolygon.

  • 3D modeling from low poly to a complex mesh
  • Prototyping
  • Modifying meshes with Meshfilter component
  • Texture Mapping with UV Editor
  • 2D Drawing and more

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