Tor Frick Talks Modo, Production Techniques, and More
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Helsinki FI   17, Oct — 25, Oct
London GB   22, Oct — 23, Oct
Singapore SG   23, Oct — 25, Oct
Paris FR   24, Oct — 27, Oct
San Jose US   25, Oct — 26, Oct
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by Delip Huges
4 hours ago

There are AwesomeBump that is written in QT and do not require .NET Framework and has code open.

by Sergey
6 hours ago

Интересно, не понятно зачем, но круто. Я бы хотел поучаствовать в проекте

10 hours ago

Already have ndo, b2m, knald, and others.. Why another one?

Tor Frick Talks Modo, Production Techniques, and More
30 September, 2018

The Foundry team has shared a nice talk by Tor Frick, co-founder and art director at Neon Giant on concept art, his production techniques, working with Modo, and more. 

The artist has been using Modo for more than 12 years now and you have to admit that Tor has always been a huge source of inspiration for artists. He worked on props, assets, and other things for games like Doom, Wolfenstein, Fallout 4, and other well-known titles. The artist is now developing his own cyberpunk title at a newly-formed studio called Neon Giant. 

Don’t miss the video if you want to learn more about the talent’s philosophy and the way he approaches his models. In fact, Tor gave some tips that might help you save time and build better works. 

Make sure to check out the artist’s portfolio here

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