Toren: A Worthy Indie Successor to Ico
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Toren: A Worthy Indie Successor to Ico
30 April, 2015

A new indie game Toren looks like something out of a surreal dream. The title will debut on PC and PS4 May 12.

Toren is obviously a labor of love. It’s an intricately designed adventure title from Swordtales. The title was created in Brazil with extensive support from the local government. You can definitely see every dollar invested in this project as it looks more like a next gen version of Ico than another cheap clone from Greenlight.

Developers describe this title as an adventure game.

You are Moonchild, destined to climb the tower (known as Toren) on a hauntingly solitary journey to find your purpose. You must solve puzzles and face monsters as you struggle to climb to the top of this beautiful, yet treacherous environment, driven by the will to find your freedom.


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There’s a number of cool features too. The character will age, there’s a lot of symbolism and environmental puzzles. The trailer mostly shows a little girl who’s trying to climb an enormous tower, while escaping from traps and gigantic monsters. Did we mention that the trailer looks drop down gorgeous?

You can actually pre-order the title on Steam, and Humble Store. We’re trying to contact the developers to get a more detailed look at the game.


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