Train Moving Through Heavy Snow Simulation by Alexandre Sirois-Vigneux

The developer has shared yet another stunning demo showcasing his custom-made MPM solver written in CUDA.

Alexandre Sirois-Vigneux, a MSc Researcher and VFX Artist whose amazing exploding watermelon and breaking iceberg simulations were featured on 80 Level earlier this month, has shared one more stunning demo showcasing his custom-made ML/GPU-accelerated MPM solver written in CUDA.

This time, the creator impressed us by simulating a train moving through heavy and dense snow, with the snow dynamically activating and fracturing as the train moves forward. The train model itself was created by Jesper Landin and is available via Sketchfab.

"A train is plowing through very dense and heavy snow like the one you find melting in the Spring," commented Alexandre. "I must admit I went a little overboard with the snow stiffness, but this kind of effect is so hard to get with PBD, I just could not resist."

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