Turn your favourite 8-bit Nintendo games into 3D with 3DNES emulator
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by Koenker-Master
8 hours ago

What a shame EA! Fuck off, i go to steam :-)

by serkan_buldan@yahoo.com
11 hours ago

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by cemtezcan@gmail.com
12 hours ago

@derjyn@gmail.com Is there any link or video for the cheaper solutions that you mentioned before? Please share them. I haven't seen any cheaper, faster, HD, loopable and adjustable "normal map" flipbook video that you said in your first post. I would be happy to compare the results in realism.

Turn your favourite 8-bit Nintendo games into 3D with 3DNES emulator
10 March, 2016

Miss those 8-bit Nintendo games but won’t play them because they look too old? It seems that there is solution to that problem.

3DNES is a new emulator for the Nintendo Platfrom that can transfrom the system’s classic 8-bit games into 3D images with depth. You can check it out right now if you are using the Firefox browser by going to 3DNES.com. All you need is to upload your legally acquired NES ROMs to a cloud-storage site like Dropbox and then you can start playing games like Super Mario Bros. in 3D.

The result might be shocking sometimes, because those games are simply not meant for 3D, but it is still a pretty great way to replay your beloved games. That’s what might come out of it:

Source: gamesbeat

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