Tutorial: 2D Image Into Geometry
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great work. thanx for this article

by vijaykhatri96@gmail.com
3 hours ago

Great! If a beginner wants to learn Houdini then they needs to click here: https://hackr.io/tutorials/learn-houdini

why Hellblade didn't come on ps4 yet ?

Tutorial: 2D Image Into Geometry
3 July, 2017

Nick Reynolds continues his pilgrimage, sharing another neat technique, which helps you to take an image and converting it to a cutout of polygons. Here he used it to cut out a Megascans atlas to simple geo. A very neat technique, if you like doing that amazing vegetation. Nick has been actually doing these “Tuesday-Tips” series for over 6 months! You can check out all of his previous tips at his Gumroad page.

Nick actually has a whole series of tips. He releases a new video every Tuesday, addressing some particular issue in the 3d workflow and providing his solution. The videos are very varied, covering a bunch of topics: from PBR to photoscans and scattering. We’ve worked with Nick to present some of his tutorials as videos on 80.lv. You will be able to download all related files (including the videos) over at his Gumroad. It’s completely free.


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2 Comments on "Tutorial: 2D Image Into Geometry"


Holy hell, this is Good! Coming from Max I’ve never heard about that.
Will be very useful for Leaves and anything generated in Substance, to bake branches


is there something similar for 3ds max?!