Tutorial: Creating Cinematic Landscapes
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Very nice advice for Beginners....Really Helpful...Thanks....

The link under texturing is broken, here is the correct link. http://docs.cryengine.com/display/SDKDOC2/Ambient+Occlusion+and+Normal+map+bake+using+Xnormal

Tutorial: Creating Cinematic Landscapes
12 August, 2018

Jama Jurabaev has released a new tutorial that shows a way you can create cinematic landscapes with the help of World Creator 2 and Octane. The pack with the tutorial includes 100+ high-resolution displacement maps, scenes, and more.  

In this tutorial, I show how to create cinematic landscapes using World Creator 2 and Octane Standalone.

This pack includes all the materials you might need to create a landscape of your own design:

100+ ULTRA hires displacement maps (deserts, mountains, craters, dunes and many more)

3Dscenes + Photoshop files

1 hour of narrated video tutorials.

Can’t wait to see what you guys can create with these.

Disclaimer: You are totally free to use these assets on your projects, but don`t forget to credit me if you are using them for commercial purposes.

Jama Jurabaev 

You can get more details here. 

Get the pack for $35+

Source: Gumroad

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