Tutorial: Hunt’s Window Barricades and Barbed Wire
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Good work bro!

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by Duacan
1 days ago

hello Alexander, I really loved your these draw works. I loved cathedrals too.I started 3ds Max new. And I really really want to meet you, if you wanna to do. By the way, my name is Duacan, from Turkey. also Im working for learning and speaking German. Cause Deutschland is the my first country for living. Whatever, take care yourself, Tschüss. insta: 06optimusprime06

Tutorial: Hunt's Window Barricades and Barbed Wire
12 July, 2018

Matthias Wagner, a Senior 3D Artist at Crytek, shared a little tutorial on setting up realistic barbed wire in 3D. The artist worked on the window barricades for Hunt: Showdown. In fact, these barricades turned out to be quite useful when it comes to boosting gameplay variety and enriching scenes, so let’s learn how we can recreate something like that. 

The Window Barricades are randomly placed on windows to block the player and give more gameplay variety each time. 
Also, they were used to theme certain areas.

Below you can find a small tutorial on how I did the barbed wire. It made my life a lot easier. 
So I hope it’s useful.

Windows: Marcel Schaika 
Substances: Alexander Asmus 
Rendered in CryEngine

Matthias Wagner 

 Here goes the mini guide:

Source: ArtStation

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