Tutorial: Modeling and Texturing a Rounded Chesterfield Couch
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by Tawiah Nyamekye
1 hours ago

One of the best personal projects I've seen. Good job!

by adamDe
2 hours ago

amazing skill!! :)

by sekayee@gmail.com
6 hours ago

Thanks for sharing!

Tutorial: Modeling and Texturing a Rounded Chesterfield Couch
2 April, 2018

Check out an in-depth tutorial on taking an AAA asset (a Rounded Chesterfield Couch) from a blockout all the way to in-game material work by Brooke Routh. The guide shows all the essential steps in Maya, Substance, ZBrush, and UE4. 

I had a hard time creating a pipeline for a couch of this shape and design, so I wanted to make a tutorial to help whoever wanted to take this challenge up. My method here relies strongly on modeling and topology rather than the material aspect, but I found that this is what works best for me.

Feel free to utilize this document. I wanted to make every step of the process clear even for a beginner, so some of the steps are better to skip if you’re a more advanced 3D artist.

Brooke Routh 

The tutorial was originally posted on ArtStation

Source: ArtStation

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2 Comments on "Tutorial: Modeling and Texturing a Rounded Chesterfield Couch"

Karen Biggel
Karen Biggel

Wow! This looks like something straight out of the order 1886!

Tim Pineski
Tim Pineski

Good stuff. Glad to see this artist putting out tutorials. The environment this came out of was great.