Tutorial: Trigonometry Basics for Game Physics

Tutorial: Trigonometry Basics for Game Physics

Ming-Lun Allen Chou has recently launched a new game dev tutorials series focused on explaining math and physics principles for game development purposes.

The thing here is that the series is as non-academic and reader-friendly as possible, so you’ll figure out the tricks in no time. My first post will tell you about trigonometric basics — sine and cosine.

Trigonometry is extremely important when it comes to building games and setting up physics — that’s why the developer has chosen this topic for the first tutorial of his new series. “Having a solid understanding of basic of trigonometry can go a long way for game development. It is used extensively in game problem-solving.”

The first guide features a geometric interpretation of two basic trigonometric functions: sine and cosine. It also offers a comparison of two different angle units: degrees & radians. Plus, you will learn about some basic properties of sine and cosine, and get tips on how to move and arrange things in a circular fashion.

Source files and future updates are available on Patreon. You can follow the artist on Twitter. Find the full guide here.

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    Tutorial: Trigonometry Basics for Game Physics