Tutorials: Deep Dive into Blender

CG Cookie has published several courses dedicated to becoming a PRO with Blender. 

The course includes 40+ lessons dedicated to shading and materials. 

  • over 3 hours of video, 1920 x 1080, mp4 format
  • 6 chapters containing 40+ short lessons
  • Software used: Blender 2.83
  • Skill level: beginner to intermediate
  • Bonus lesson: creating a material transformation effect

"Each lesson is no more than 15 minutes (most are much shorter) so you can watch them without getting overwhelmed and take in the information, bit-by-bit.", adds the CG Cookie team. 

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The topics covered during the course:

  • Basic information about shaders in Cycles and Eevee
  • The basics of adding textures
  • The principles of physically based rendering
  • How to avoid the most common shading pitfalls
  • The right workflows for rendering different types of material effects
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The mentor will guide you through the workflow in Cycles and show all the main properties of light objects and environment lights, how to tweak them to get the results you want. Along the way, you’ll learn important concepts about path tracing and how light works in general, which will help you create any lighting effect on your own. 

From there you’ll switch over to Eevee and demystify what’s going on with shadows, environments, and bounce lighting during rasterization, so you can get as close to Cycles quality as possible.

"Lastly, you’ll look at how to take your lighting from good to great by talking about best practices and a few tricks that can instantly transform a render from “ok but kinda boring” to jump right out of the screen.", comments the mentor of the course.

The course includes 6 chapters split into 40 lessons. Topics covered during the tutorial: 

  • How Blender saves and loads images
  • What texture coordinates are (and how you can use them to manipulate textures)
  • How to apply 2D image textures to 3D objects using UV unwrapping, and how to solve common UV problems.
  • Color management
  • How file formats affect color and the quality of your images
  • How to combine shader nodes together
  • How to prepare your model for painting
  • How to use the brush system in Blender
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After the first part of the course you'll have 2 challenges: Create a Lava Shader and Paint a Low Poly Axe by Hand. 

At the end of the course, you will learn texturing workflow tips and have a look at intermediate topics, such as trim sheets, decals, texture baking, and more. The final challenge will be to take a motorcycle model and texture it. 

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