UE4 June: NVIDIA Edge Program Recipients
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1, Jul — 1, Aug
San Diego US   19, Jul — 23, Jul
Torino IT   25, Jul — 29, Jul
Shanghai CN   3, Aug — 7, Aug
Vancouver CA   12, Aug — 17, Aug
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As an E2 visa holder for many yrs...it seems a little silly to suggest this route. It is an investment visa usually in the range of 100K USD and over. I guess the premise is your parents would set you up in a business after graduation? But keep in mind that business also needs to be successful come renewal time.

UE4 June: NVIDIA Edge Program Recipients
3 July, 2018

The Unreal Engine team continues to reward developers that produce visually outstanding works with top-of-the-line hardware. Do you know about Epic Games’ collaboration with NVIDIA known as the NVIDIA Edge Program? It’s actually a nice chance to win a GTX 1080 Ti.

Last Bastion – Timothy Dries

In a personal project created over a couple of months, Last Bastion is a gorgeously realistic and evocative piece created by Timothy Dries. The scene represents a place for humans to still find hope and home, after the collapse of civilization. Dries keeps an informative blog and offers breakdowns for many of his environment projects.

Cherry Apartment – Jakub Lesniak

Inspired to learn the real-time capabilities of Unreal Engine, Jakub Lesniak built the lovely Cherry Apartment scene to grip what was possible. He has created an array of arch vis projects and more recently has delved into the excitement of virtual reality development.

2170 – Firefly Studio

Firefly Studio, comprised of a solo developer in Bangladesh, is in the heart of development on 2170, an open world third-person sci-fi shooter set in a post-apocalyptic universe with a beautiful, vibrant environment. Keep an eye on the ongoing development of 2170.

Epic Games

You can visit the NVIDIA Edge hub for the details on how to submit your work.


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