UE4 Livestream: Optimizing Your Game
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by Cgiles
9 hours ago

Alt click on a node connection automatically disconnect it from the other nodes. And there is some nodes which can be easily summoned by pressing a key and clicking at the same time. Like B+click will place a branch, and S+click a sequence.

by manictaylorj@gmail.com
14 hours ago

If you're willing to compile it, Aseprite is a great option as well.

by tharlevfx
1 days ago

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UE4 Livestream: Optimizing Your Game
14 September, 2017

Don’t miss another amazing stream from Epic Games with Sam Deiter sharing tips and tricks on making sure UE4 projects maintain the framerate you’re striving for. Textures, meshes and other optimization factors that you should consider. 

Art by Mathew O

When developing any type of project in UE4, trying to maintain a target framerate of 30, 60 or even 90 FPS without sacrificing the quality of the visuals can be a real challenge. Epic Games’ Sam Deiter will share with you some tips and tricks that you can use to make sure your UE4 projects maintain the framerate you’re striving for. From things to consider when you are building your Textures and Static Meshes to different ways to track down performance problems, Sam will share a plethora of performance and optimization tips and tricks with you. If you have a poorly performing UE4 project and you are not sure how to figure out what is going on, then this is the live stream for you! 

Epic Games 


Thursday, September 14th @ 2:00PM ET [Countdown]



Sam Deiter – Sr. Technical Writer – @Sam_Deiter

Amanda Bott – Community Manager – @amandambott

Source: Epic Games

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