UIPF: Interactive Foliage in Unreal
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O man, this helpme so much! thanks!

Amazing this information. Thanks alot!

SpeedCut is a awesome tool! Would love to also see it be implemented into blender!

UIPF: Interactive Foliage in Unreal
28 May, 2019

Elliot Gray released his new project for Unreal called UIPF. It is a powerful plugin that will help you set up beautiful and efficient interactive foliage for any game. UIPF will give you massive fields of swaying grass, interactive hanging vines, bendy plants, trees, and more.

“Designed from the ground up to work with the UE4 foliage tools UIPF is designer and artist-friendly, supports all of your own foliage, and comes with a library of high-quality interactives you can use in your games with more to come,” states the artist.


  • Efficient and stunning foliage interaction for any project
  • Apply flattening, explosion impulses, trailing wobble and true physical interaction to all of your in-game foliage.
  • Works with all existing assets and the unreal foliage tools
  • Hybrid true physics and shader-driven interaction
  • Easily cover your game world in efficient interactive foliage
  • Pivot painter 2.0 based wind and interaction supported
  • Designer-friendly – easy to set up, drag, and drop
  • Add impulses and interact manually via Blueprint or C++
  • Well optimized for a wide range of target hardware
  • Written in C++ for maximum efficiency
  • Photo-Realistic foliage included.
  • Supports Every Major Platform, UE4.19-4.22
  • Designed with multiplayer in mind
  • Online documentation and direct support via email

You can read more about the plugin here.

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All future updates are included and will be available for download as soon as they are released.

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