Ultra-Rare Nintendo PlayStation Sold for $300.000

The only playable prototype has been sold on the Heritage Auctions.

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Ultra-Rare Nintendo PlayStation was sold for $300.000 on the Heritage Auctions. The unique prototype is a result of the short-lived collaboration between Sony and Nintendo. The sold console might be the last remained prototype, the rest was probably destroyed.

"People had kind of heard about this story - Nintendo and Sony partnering up to make the next, or the sequel to, the Super Nintendo. But nobody really had confirmation that it existed. So it was mythical," said Conor Clarke of the National Videogame Museum in Sheffield.

The console was made in 1992 and designed to play both Snes cartridges and CD-based games. 

Check out the Heritage Auctions website for more information.

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    Ultra-Rare Nintendo PlayStation Sold for $300.000