Unity 2017.2 Released
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Bit late to the game. The kickstarter got cancelled in January! :(

by koen vosters
3 hours ago

Kickstarter failed and it got cancelled?

by Madhav Bharadwaj
5 hours ago

will the course contain timelapses?

Unity 2017.2 Released
12 October, 2017

Unity Technologies announced that Unity 2017.2 is now available to download. The new tool features a variety of improvements and features, which should come really handy for artists, animators, and game developers.

Here’s a quick overview of the key features of Unity 2017.2:

• 2D Tilemap and Cinemachine for 2D: Designed to empower 2D creators, 2017.2 offers a complete suite of 2D tools, including the new 2D Tilemap tool for fast creation and iteration cycles. In addition, the new Cinemachine for 2D offers intelligent, easy to create camera behaviors with automatic composition, tracking, priorities, and blending

• Support and Further MR Optimization for the Latest Platforms: Unity currently powers 2/3rds of all AR/VR content, and now with further optimization for ARCore, ARKit, Windows Mixed Reality, and Vuforia, Unity developers will be able to reach over 1 billion AR-capable devices by the end of 2018. Unity makes it easy for developers to create MR experiences for supported devices, as well as add AR to existing apps to help drive user engagement and revenue growth

• Collaboration with Autodesk to Improve Creation Workflow: Unity 2017.2 is the first creation engine that has source code access to Autodesk’s FBX SDK and that provides improved creation workflow for better iteration and decision-making. Unity and Autodesk are working together to directly and dramatically improve FBX support, and enable high-fidelity round-tripping between Maya/Max and Unity

Unity Technologies provides a variety of subscription options for indie game developers., smaller studios and bigger companies. Unity Pro is a professional-grade tool, while Unity Plus “offers serious creators who intend to publish additional tools and services to help them succeed”. There’s also Unity Personal, which provides the core features for free. The full list of features and updates can be found here.

Recently we’ve covered a number of very interesting projects created with Unity. The engine definitely works well for creating very interesting artistic scenes. Check out the related articles section before.

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