Unity and Google Cloud Present Open Match
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San Francisco US   18, Mar — 23, Mar
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by Joshua Robbins
30 min ago

Incredible, I love this so much. I'm glad someone out there decides to go make older games like this in newer engines. Great work!

Firstly,Amazing work !! But a doubt..for the background thing ..you mentioned of using a mesh with zero edges which helps out in covering up the repetition process..what is it?..any detailed description please.

by Valerie Lynn Milano
22 hours ago

Quite fantastic. I am a friend of Grayson Wixom and have an entertainment publication thehollywoodtimes.today and am trying to get one of my journalists to interview you.

Unity and Google Cloud Present Open Match
10 September, 2018

A couple of days ago, Unity and Google Cloud have presented the result of their teamwork called Open Match which is an accessible matchmaking technology for developers.

Open Match is described as a scalable, reusable matchmaking technology that developers can integrate across different types of projects and then customize. The technology will let developers focus on matchmaking logic rather than developing custom tech from scratch.

“What if game developers could focus on just the matchmaking logic—the inputs and logic for selecting players—instead of building a whole matchmaker from scratch for each game? Google Cloud and Unity are jointly announcing the availability of an open source matchmaking project called Open Match to do exactly that. Open Match is designed to allow game creators to reuse a common matchmaker framework. It includes three core components: a frontend API for game clients, a backend API for game servers, and an orchestrator that runs game-specific custom matchmaking logic. It’s instrumented with OpenCensus (opencensus.io) for metrics gathering and Prometheus (prometheus.io) is configured by default,” the announcement states.

Yes, Open Match is co-founded by Google Cloud and Unity, but the tech will be open source and engine agnostic. The Unity team will continue to work on matchmaking technology with Open Match as a basis to improve the game engine.

A GitHub repository is now available for you to contribute to the project.

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