Unity Asset Store Announced Asset Refresh

You may get the top-rated assets with a 40% discount till the 13th of October. 

Today we've collected 3 packages from the Unity Asset Store that aim to help create photo-realistic environments in the projects and artwork. 

This bundle package contains 2 packages with 195 high-quality assets designed in a New Orleans style for fast and affordable city creation. 
  • 69 Vintage pros (Mega Props: Vintage Collection)
  • 126 New Orleans-style assets (NewGen: New Orleans)
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In the collection, you'll find 1 road shader (HDRP and SRP), an interior mapping shader (HDRP and SRP), and day and night sample scenes. 

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The pack includes 285 unique meshes, tileable textures, and trimsheets for buildings. All buildings were created fully modular with interiors. The team shared that they'd been working on this collection for 8 months.

The collection comes with three maps: an overview map, a winter map, and a spring/summer map. The winter map includes a snow vertex painting option which provides an opportunity to paint snow on any meshes. The pack includes interiors and multiple props for interiors and exteriors for creating diverse scenes with 1 collection of assets. 

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The Deep Desert Content Pack is a collection of desert terrain textures and assets that allows you to build a desert scene quickly. Gaia and GeNa Pro spawners and biomes included. 
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This package contains 14 desert-themed terrain textures and a collection of rock and vegetation assets to create rocky and sandy deserts on any terrain shape. This package also includes spawner configurations for Gaia Pro 2021 and GeNa Pro to make it easy to set up entire levels with a few clicks. The pack comes with assets in 2 different art styles - stylized and detailed.


1. Create your terrain with Gaia Pro 2021

2. Fill your scene with GeNa Pro:

  • Manually place villages, campfires, and rock clusters with a click
  • Add rivers and roads and even whole streets along splines with GeNa Pro
  • Add a wide range of props all perfectly placed with more clicks
  • Paint in Trees, bushes, small rocks, and another small detail asset

3. Finalize and optimize your scene with Gaia Pro

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