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Unity tool developer Blink Studios has announced a 50% discount on the stylized bundles for creating RPGs. 

Below we've gathered some cool assets created by Blink Studios, that are currently on sale. These sets can empower your stylized RPG and speed up the development process.  

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Among 200 available textures, you'll find a cliff, boss floor, concrete floor, dirt & stones, gold, melting metal, village path, toxic ground, coins, oasis grass, sand, blood, ice and more. All the textures are created for matching the style of fantasy RPGs, however, can be used for other stylized projects as well. 

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Content: 1x Cliff, 2x Boss Floor, 1x Concrete Floor, 1x Dirt & Stones, 2x Dwarven Ground, 1x Dwarven Wall, 1x Stone Ground, 2x Gold, 1x Melting Metal, 1x Metal Gate, 1x Stone Gate, 1x Stone Wall.

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This pack includes wands, spellbooks, daggers, spears, scythes, claws, fist weapons, gauntlets, muskets, and pistols. All the assets are in basic, medium, and epic versions. The set contains a total of 110 meshes and 510 prefabs.  

This bundle includes four types of Orc characters: warrior, hunter, warlock, and boss. Also, you can animate these humanoid-ready characters using the included animations.

List of animations

  • Idle
  • Jumping
  • Falling Loop
  • Run (forward, left, right, backward)
  • Strafe (left, right)
  • Melee attack
  • Bow shot
  • Spell cast
  • Spell casting loop
  • AoE spell cast
  • AoE channeling loop
  • Buff / Boost
  • Stunned loop
  • Get hit
  • Death

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