Unity Asset Store: Publisher Sale Announced

Don't miss a chance to get a 50% discount for UI assets from Layer Lab, PONETI, and D.F.Y. STUDIO. The sale is active till the 10th of June. 

A large pack in the Medieval Kingdom style includes drawings, icons, UI elements, and a full world map. With this asset, you can create your game from scratch or add the details to your project. You can also make your animation of kings for dialogues, and build unique panels and windows for games. Two unique skins are available: Classic (cool color palette) and White gold (warm color palette). 

Package includes:

  • User interface: 140 unique UI elements (239 with classic skin), 5 tiled background textures (4096x4096 px), 98 UI icons in classic and colored versions (PNG, 256x256 px), and 17 equipment icons, PSD source files for UI (33 objects), 32 PSD bars (main menu, settings, inventory, equipment, hp bar, craft, skill bar, raid bar, etc.)
  • Characters and artworks: 16 characters, 11 kings and queens (10 of these are animated), 27 character portraits (256x256 px), 4 backgrounds, 3 army artworks, and 3 mini artworks.
  • Prefabs and materials: demo scene, flasks (left, right), buttons, Hp bar, menu, settings.
  • World Map (hand-painted): world map PNG (15360x8640 px), world map PSB (7680x4320 px), 32 map icons (1024x1024 px), 2 tiled background textures (mountains and waves).
  • Emblems and shields: 4 epoch shields (512x512 px), 39 civilization emblems (flags and shields), and 25 source files.
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It's a sci-fi UI toolkit that contains 3 major theme assets: sci-fi UI components, a sci-fi demo scene (Blue theme), and a sci-fi demo scene (Cyan theme). These high-quality assets can be applied to any sci-fi game, VR, or AR project. 

Package includes:

Sci-fi UI Components

  • Textures: 1068 PNG textures (from 128x128 px to 3840x2160 px)
  • Prefabs: 515 prefabs for individual elements
  • Scene: sci-fi UI components (23 canvas)

Sci-fi UI Pack_V1 Pro (Blue) 

  • Textures: 436 PNG textures (from 128x128 px to 2560x1440 px)
  • Prefabs: 436 prefabs
  • SourceFiles: 26 PSD files
  • Scene: demo scene V1 (Blue) (26 scene canvas and 4 icons canvas)

Sci-fi UI Pack_V2 Pro (Cyan)

  • Textures: 436 PNG textures(from 128x128 px to 2560x1440 px)
  • Prefabs: 148 prefabs
  • SourceFiles: 26 PSD files
  • Scene: Demo Scene V2 (Cyan) (26 scene canvas and 4 icons canvas) 
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Fantasy RPG is a complete UI asset to make your fantasy-style games. It contains 1920x1080 px graphics, customizable PSD layouts, game elements, and PNG files for all of the components in the asset.

Package includes: 

  • 361 Pictogram Icons (32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512)
  • 90 Unique Item Icons (32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512)
  • 35 Equipment Icons (32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512)
  • Pre-made pop-ups: Title, Sign up, Home, Offline Reward, Username, Power Saving Mode, Loading, Character Tutorial, Character Select, Character, Equipment, Stage Select, Play, Play Boss, Play Continue, Play Pause, Play Result, LevelUp, Setting, Language Select, Mission List, Shop Chest, Shop Gold, Shop Gem, Remove AD, Game Rating, Reward Daily, Reward Weekly, Spin Wheel, Message Toast, Network Error Toast
  • PSD Files 
  • Demo Scene
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