Unity Awards 2017: Choose The Winners
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Helsinki FI   17, Oct — 25, Oct
London GB   22, Oct — 23, Oct
Singapore SG   23, Oct — 25, Oct
Paris FR   24, Oct — 27, Oct
San Jose US   25, Oct — 26, Oct
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by Marco Baumann
2 hours ago

You should edit the dates: https://code.blender.org/2018/08/blender-2-8-planning-update/ Blender 2.8 will be published in 2019.

by S E O Experts
4 hours ago

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Unity Awards 2017: Choose The Winners
13 September, 2017

Have you seen the final list of games and experiences that have been chosen as nominees for creative and technical excellence at Unity Awards 2017? Winners in all categories will be honored at the Unity Awards at Unite Austin 2017. You can now choose what you think should be the winner, so let’s look at the alternatives. 

It seems that Night in the Woods may become the headliner this year. The game has been nominated for several categories. Let’s check out other nominees.

Best 3D visuals

Modern technology has given artists the freedom to mold new 3D worlds whether they’re striving for realism or creating something wildly stylized. Pick your winner based on artistic merit including thematic and stylistic cohesion, creativity, and/or technical skill.

Best 2D Visuals

Beauty comes in all shapes and dimensions and there’s a different kind of artistry in creating beautiful 2D worlds and characters. Pick your favorite based on artistic merit including thematic and stylistic cohesion, creativity, and/or technical skill. 

Best Desktop/Console game

Whether simple, complex, or somewhere in between, a great gaming experience blends concept, intuitive control, innovation, creativity, visual design, and fun together into one blissfully wonderful package. Find your favorite that excels in one or all of these areas.


Best Augmented or Mixed Reality Experience

Immersive computing is is going to usher great change into our society in many subtle and bold ways. This is an open category to recognize the most creative use case of AR or MR across all industries.

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