Unity Deals: Packs for VFX Artists

Check out 3 Unity packs that include ready-to-use 3D assets, shaders, and textures for VFX scene production. 

10 popular and high-quality asset packs have been bundled together, covering many aspects of space and sci-fi-related VFX. The complete list of effect packs includes:

  • Atmospheric Entry FX
  • Jet Engine Flames
  • Orbital Beam Laser
  • Planet Explosion
  • Rocket Launch FX
  • Space Weapons VFX (Lasers, Photon Torpedoes, Space Mines and Missiles)
  • Teleport Particle Effect
  • Tractor Beam FX
  • Warp Drive VFX
  • Wormhole Tunnel FX

This package is a particle FX asset pack of fire, water, smoke, dust, dirt, blood, nature, weapons, magic and more, to add to your Polygon-style game.

Core features:

• Dissolve using geometric shapes: Sphere, Cube, Capsule, Cone, Plane, Per-Axis (X, Y, Z).

• Multiple texture blends for alpha cutout and edge noise control.

• Triplanar and Screen-Space dissolve projections.

• Various edge color controllers, including simple color, gradient, and ramp textures.

• Solid, Smooth and Noisy edges.

• Color emission is visible to the Global Illumination system.

• Dissolve effect can be integrated into shaders created by ShaderGraph with user-defined unlimited cutout variations.

• Supports all render pipelines.

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