Unity Deals: Tools for Game Development

Check out 5 Unity packs with tools and frameworks that will level up your game development process whether you're working on the TBS, arcade racing game, or collectible cards game. All packs are on 50% sale now, grab them before the sale ends!

Game Kit Controller

Check out a cool solution for your 1st or 3rd person game. 

  • Character Controller
  • Action system
  • Camera System
  • Abilities: The player can perform a large number of actions
  • Advanced Gravity Manipulation
  • Character Creator
  • Custom Input System: unified keyboard, touch & gamepad input
  • Mobile Ready
  • Advanced Weapon System
  • Inventory Management
  • Extensible Vehicle System
  • Powerful Map System included
  • Friend and enemy AI
  • Interact with any device/object
  • RPG elements
  • Complete Save/Load System

VR Interaction Framework

Create your own interactive objects in VR. 

  • Some details:
  • Physical Grabbing and Throwing of objects
  • Buttons, Knobs, Levers, Sliders, Doors, Joysticks, and other physically activated objects
  • Smooth Locomotion and Teleport
  • Custom Hand Pose Support
  • Two-Handed Weapons
  • Custom PlayerController that utilizes Unity's CharacterController (can be swapped out with your own)
  • Climbing
  • Custom World-Based UI System
  • Snap Zones - Super modular: Make Equipment slots, inventory systems and more
  • Bow and arrow physics (arrows can be picked up and re-shot)
  • Gun handling/physics. Can insert and remove the clip from a pistol, pull back the slide, etc.
  • Two Handed Weapons with Shotgun and Rifle examples
  • Hand Jet (like a jetpack, but in your hands!)
  • Grappling Hook
  • Slow time
  • A basic IK Arm example
  • Simple Damage System with Destructible Objects

Highroad Engine

A cool addition to your arcade racing game development.
Inspired by old school, arcade racing games such as Micro Machines, Highroad engine will help you create your own racing game way easier. You can craft anything you want -motorbikes, cars, wipeout like vehicles, trucks, karts. Vehicles are built via an easy-to-customize car controller, so you can tweak speed, acceleration, steering without coding. Plus if you want more it’s super easy to extend, and there are examples and documentation to help with that.

Turn-Based Strategy Framework

Add various gameplay mechanism in no time with TBS Framework. 
Main features of TBS Framework:

  • Covers all aspects of the turn-based game, including map generation, pathfinding, combat, and game progression
  • Contains Grid Helper custom inspector for setting up a scene automatically
  • Tile and Unit Painter introduced in v2.0 make designing maps easier than ever
  • Comprehensive project documentation
  • Responsive support over email or forum thread
  • Helped many devs finish their hobby project, school assignment or release a game to market

Single-Player CCG Kit

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Get a tool for creating collectible games within Unity.

  • Easy-to-use visual editor to create new cards, players, and enemies.
  • ECS-ready: The kit leverages the new Entity Component System library in Unity.
  • Complete set of unique graphics, animations, and effects designed by ricimi. This includes 1 unique player character and 3 unique enemy characters with 2D skeletal animation.
  • Complete and extensively documented C# source code included.

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