Unity Deals: Tweaking Materials

Check out 5 Unity packs with tools, collections, and shaders for working on the materials for any type of environment you are working on. 

Multiple Terrain Brush 2.0

Grab a multiple terrain brush for Unity that will boost your workflow. 

Technical details:

  • Unity 2017 support
  • Heightmaps brushes
  • Texture painting brushes
  • Smooth brush with stitching function
  • Multiple terrain texture adding system
  • Manual
  • Nonsquare terrains support
  • Compatibility with World Streamer and Terrain Stitcher

Layered Materials

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Check out a pack in the making with 3 shaders for layered materials creations. 

What’s inside:

  • mask can now use uv1 channel
  • new compact foldable gui for masked layer shader.
  • surface shaders blend two layers with mask, blends up to 6 layers with their alpha, and three layers with their alpha


Procedural Sci-Fi PBR Materials

Take a look at the substance to create custom sci-fi materials.


  • Procedurally generated patterns
  • 16 Hand made, adjustable patterns
  • 6859 possible combinations, not counting the infinite number of randomly generated patterns
  • Adjustable Wear/Dirt/Leaks
  • Decals adaptable to Wear/Dirt/Leaks
  • Tools to create tilesets from patterns


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Grab a library of high-quality PBR materials. The collection is currently in the beta version and includes 269 materials. 

Shader Painter

Check out a pixel painting toolset from Ciconia Studio. 

Some of the features :

  • Paint-advanced PBR shaders effects
  • Pixel painting let you paint detailed shapes on very low poly models
  • Multilayers support (3 layers)
  • Merge and Export painted maps
  • Multiple ID materials
  • Skinned mesh support
  • Specular/Gloss and Metallic/Rough workflow
  • Import custom brushes
  • Simple interface to get a clear overview

Available shaders:

  • Standard
  • Standard Multi Layers
  • Standard Cutout
  • Water
  • Water Dx11
  • Wind Dx11

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