Unity Digest: 5 Packs for VR Experiences

Check out these 5 great packs that will help you build your own virtual reality experience in Unity.

1. VRTK – Virtual Reality Toolkit

VRTK is a collection of useful scripts and concepts to aid in building VR solutions rapidly and easily in Unity3d 5+.

It covers a number of common solutions such as:

  • Locomotion within virtual space.
  • Interactions like touching, grabbing, and using objects
  • Interacting with Unity3d UI elements through pointers or touch.
  • Body physics within virtual space.
  • 2D and 3D controls like buttons, levers, doors, drawers, etc.
  • And much more...

2. Hurricane VR – Physics Interaction Toolkit

HurricaneVR is a Physics interaction tool kit that enables you to rapidly create immersive VR games. With this toolkit, you will be able to simulate two-handed holding, throwing, and interactions with your physics objects.

Key Features:

  • Responsive and immersive Hand Physics
  • Smooth locomotion with smooth and snap turning
  • Supports custom rigged hand models
  • Line Grab with one axis of positional and rotational freedom
  • Configurable one and two hand strength per grabbable
  • Static Hand Pose Editing system with mirroring and finger animation
  • Dynamic Hand Pose Solving using Physics
  • Gravity Gloves or Force Grab style remote grabbing

3. VR Interaction Framework

The VR Interaction Framework makes it easy to create your own interactive objects and be productive quickly. This framework will give you the foundation you need to create polished VR experiences and supports all Unity compatible VR Headsets.

The tool's highlights:

  • Physical Grabbing and Throwing of objects
  • Buttons, Knobs, Levers, Sliders, Doors, Joysticks, and other physically activated objects
  • A VR Emulator so you can test your project without having to put your headset on
  • Smooth Locomotion and Teleport, with Snap Turning and Smooth Turn options
  • Custom VR Hands Models and textures
  • Custom Hand Pose Support

4. Humanoid Control VR

Humanoid Control is the next generation of human character control. It will provide you with an effortless setup for having animated characters in your environments.


  • Supports all major VR hardware
  • Full body rig supporting animations
  • Fully configurable controller input
  • Gaze/pointing/touching interaction interfaces
  • Build-in networking support
  • Full physics

5. VR Cartoon Hand

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This pack includes 25 different animation stages packed inside an animation controller. It can be used for simulating VR hands.

It includes several animations:

  • Idle
  • Point
  • GrabLarge
  • GrabSmall
  • GrabStickUp
  • GrabStickFront
  • ThumbUp
  • Fist, and more.

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