Unity Digest: Environment & World-Generation Tools

Check out 5 Unity packs that will bring your game worlds to a whole new level.

1. Gaia Pro 2021 – Terrain & Scene Generator

The first entry of this week's digest is Gaia Pro 2021. It is a powerful, all-in-one open-world and level generation system that can help you to create mobile, VR, console, and desktop environments in minutes. Gaia Pro saves you time and money by including many expensive assets into one integrated, optimized and professionally supported system.

Key features:

  • Wizard driven setup optimized for the target platform
  • Massive world generation with multi-terrain & streaming support
  • Accelerated grass rendering system that works in HDRP
  • Multiple skies, lighting (including time of day), VFX, and sound FX systems
  • Weather system with rain and snow support
  • High-performance water system and shaders
  • And more.

2. R.A.M 2019 – River Auto Material 2019

The second pack of this week's digest gives you the ability to create very advanced rivers and lakes with a flow map, river bed shapes, and textures them automatically. A must-have tool for any game-map with a body of water on it.

Key features:

  • Terrain shaping tool with future shape visualization
  • Terrain painting tool
  • Tesselation support
  • Vertex paint support
  • Stylized water shader and materials variants
  • 47 (8 sets) HQ ground textures (Albedo, Normal, AO, Height) for the river and its borders
  • Set of river textures (foam, normals, cascades)
  • Set of stylized textures (foam, normals, cascades)

3. Nature Renderer: Personal License

Nature Renderer improves the quality of your vegetation rendering by replacing Unity's default terrain details system. You can use the same grass, vegetation, and trees and keep your existing terrains, the pack only improves the renderer.

Key features:

  • Fully multi-threaded for best performance.
  • Fade out vegetation in the distance.
  • Efficient culling of vegetation.
  • Works with multiple terrains.
  • Minimal GC Allocations and stable consistent performance.
  • Works with multiple cameras.
  • Floating Origin support for large worlds.
  • And more.

4. TerraWorld – Automated Level Designer

The fourth entry of the digest is TerraWorld, a Unity plugin that creates close to reality environments using real-world data from ESRI, NASA & OpenStreetMap along with built-in algorithms for procedural generation and placement of 3D assets in the scene. All you need to do is to choose the map's size and environment and press the button to generate a whole new world.


  • Node-based UI
  • Advanced Terrain Shader
  • Advanced Object Standard Shader
  • Biome Templates
  • Compatibility with any derived 3rd party assets
  • And more.

5. Path Painter™ II

This asset allows you to paint the paths you want, as well as design really good-looking mountains with the smallest effort. You are always in control of this tool. 

Path Painter allows you to:

  • Create paths
  • Create ramps
  • Create roads
  • Create play areas
  • Change terrain shape along a path
  • Re-texture along path and embankments
  • Clear grass and trees along the path
  • Use various algorithms for natural clearing
  • And more.

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