Unity Digest: Animation Packs

Check out 5 Unity packs with tools for creating smooth human and animal animations from FImpossible Creations.

1. Spine Animator

Check out a tool that will create realistic animals or creatures' bones animations without coding.


  • Includes interactive demo scene and full source code
  • Easy setup and incredible effect
  • Fully cooperating with keyframed animations
  • Tutorial videos on the Youtube Channel
  • Not needed any coding
  • Visual friendly inspector window with helpful features
  • Highly customizable
  • Very high performance
  • Blending with original animation

2. Tail Animator

Get smooth key-framed tale animations without using other animation software.

  • Easy and instant setup
  • Custom inspector window with handy functions and tooltips
  • Tutorial videos on my Youtube Channel
  • Smoothing and giving more feeling to original animation
  • Customize Tail Animator on anything - tails, cloths, limbs, etc.
  • Different parameters to customize jiggly/stiff/wavy motion
  • Experimental but efficient collision detection with all type of colliders in world space or just selected ones
  • Includes interactive demo scenes and full source code with comments
  • Components to animate bones in different game clocks (fixed update, late update)
  • Component to blend tail animator with key-framed animation
  • Components for tail animation in 2D space and UI
  • Component to create a skinned mesh with tail structure from static mesh without the need for external tools

3. Look Animator

Get a component to build head and neck animations for looking at the object and simulate real body behavior motion.


  • Includes interactive demo scenes and full-source code
  • Easy setup with extended inspector window
  • Works with humanoid and animal skeletons
  • "Bird Mode" to simulate alternative animation
  • Automated mechanics for finding bones
  • Easily change to momentum targets
  • Blend look animation with source animation
  • Highly optimized
  • Use "Bones' compensation" feature to prevent unnatural arms rotation when looking up or down
  • Use "Animate with source" feature to keep whole animations motion, very helpful when you need to aim at the target and play hit/shot animation, also using it during a run or even idle animation makes it look more natural
  • Turn off/on the component with a smooth transition by using one method
  • Make look animation softer with "Ultra Smoother" feature

4. Eyes Animator

Create eye animations in a realistic or stylized approach within minutes. The component will work for human and creature characters as well as for animals.

What’s inside:

  • Includes interactive demo scenes
  • Includes full source code with commentary
  • Simulating eyes' point of interest lag for more realism, which effect you can adjust using a simple slider
  • Random eyes movement simulation, with different presets: From calm through nervous to psychical cues - the movement of eyes when someone is lying/trying to remember the sound, etc.
  • Eyelids blinking animation support
  • Implementation to cooperate with Look Animator
  • Quickly setup component with a custom inspector
  • Easily change target objects to be followed by eyes
  • Blend eye animation and effects you apply in component with sliders
  • Easily set clamp ranges with inspector visualization

5. Bones Stimulator

Add procedural additive animation to your character with Bones Stimulator. The pack includes FBonesStim_Vibrate for advanced transforming and FBonesStim_Squasher for sinusoidal dynamic scaling. The components will enhance your bones animation.

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    Unity Digest: Animation Packs