Unity Digest: Packs for Game Development

Check out 5 Unity packs that will be helpful in the game production whether it's a puzzle game or an MMORPG.

With the ultimate grids engine, you can create all kinds of grids for any type of game in Unity, from tactics to puzzles.

Engine’s features:

  • Tile-Based Grids
  • Grid Entities
  • Integer Axial Coordinates
  • Extensible Grid-Movement System
  • Advanced Grid Attacks System
  • Interactive Objects System
  • Character Controllers
  • A* Pathfinding
  • Level Editor
  • Every Layout and Alignment
  • Height System
  • Complete Health System


The codebase is well documented, and everything's coded to be as easy to customize as possible.

TBS Framework will allow you to add obstacles, units, grids, and other elements necessary for a turn-based project.

Main features:

  • Covers all aspects of the turn-based game, including map generation, pathfinding, combat and game progression
  • Contains Grid Helper custom inspector for setting up a scene automatically
  • Tile and Unit Painter introduced in v2.0 make designing maps easier than ever
  • Comprehensive project documentation
  • Responsive support over email or forum thread


As a side note, this framework helped many devs finish their hobby project, school assignment, or release a game into the market so we recommend you check it out. 

Grab an ultimate engine for MMORPGs with added component-based architecture and character controller movement.

What goes with the engine:

  • players for combat
  • monsters that you can customize as you want
  • Npcs for in-game purchases, managing guilds, and more
  • Scriptable Items/Skills/Quests system
  • Mounts & Pets as players owned entities
  • Portals & Instanced Dungeons
  • Parties, Guilds & Chat
  • Crafting system
  • Item Mall for monetization strategy and more

Check out a project with a full midi music workflow that comes and a simple stats system for rhythm games.


  • A starter rhythm game project with full source included
  • Touch input and keyboard input
  • Sequence Editor (Doesn't require midi file)
  • Importing midi file (midi workflow)
  • Object pooling note system and effect system
  • Different type of note interaction (Tap, Long Press, Swipe)
  • Synchronized music playback and note movement
  • 2 Demo scene, Vertical 4 tracks & Horizontal 6 tracks
  • Stats System (Combo, Score, Missed, etc)

This pack will be useful for anyone who wants to create a sandbox Terraria-like world.


  • Grid-Based Tiling System
  • Procedural Map Generation Framework
  • Dynamic Modification Tools
  • Full Collider System
  • Complete Multi-Fluid System
  • Complete Advanced Block and Raycast Lighting System
  • Custom Inspector
  • File Saving and Loading
  • Demo with FREE Assets
  • Full Source Code

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    Unity Digest: Packs for Game Development