Unity Digest: Packs with Shaders for Games

Check out 5 Unity packs with shaders to add various effects into your game such as holograms, refractive glass, retro looks, and more. Some of the packs are on sale with 50% off, grab them before it ends!

1. Dynamic Radial Masks

Get a shader extension for Unity from Davit Naskidashvili.

Dynamic Radial Masks allow creating spherical projections of different forms directly inside the shader. The extension calculates the mask, a simple grayscale value in the float format.

The extension includes a collection of predefined methods that you can use in your custom shaders or Unity Shader Graph and Amplify Shader Editor with one node only.

All render pipelines are supported.

2. Retro Look Pro

Check out a pack with cool effects from limitless unity development.

Retro Look Pro includes a handful of post-processing effects to create an old-school look of the game.

The pack goes with 27 effects including the ’80s, the ’90s, and Glitch to name a few, and 150+ parameters.

Some details:

  • Profile-based settings
  • Blend effects through local or global volumes
  • Cinemachine support
  • Custom render ordering
  • Works separately on UI elements (Standard&LWRP&URP)
  • Full C# and GLSL source code is provided
  • All shaders support the SRP Batcher
  • Great performance on mobile
  • Fully suitable for Desktop, Mobile, WebGL


All render pipelines are supported. The pack supports Unity 2017, 2018, 2019.

3.Distortion Shader Pack 2

Grab a pack with distortion effects from Martin Reintges.

Add 3D distortion effects such as heat distortion, explosion shockwaves, sword swings, or the opening of a portal. The pack is fully optimized and includes custom code generation.

What’s inside:

  • Circular distortion
  • Normal map
  • Movement
  • Distortion tinting
  • Vertex color
  • Grab texture and RenderTexture support


Works with the most common OS, including Android and iOS. VR/AR, LWRP, Unity Quad, Particle system, and Line/Trail renderer are supported.

4. MK Glass

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Get a real-time glass shader from Michael Kremmel.

With this shader, you can create realistic real-time refractive glass within minutes. The shader handles used resources automatically, and all glass objects share the grabbed texture.

5. Hologram

The shader from Piotr T. allows you to create a hologram fast and easy.

The effect is based on the PBR master node and will interact with other lights and create a shadow. You can control the frequency, speed, and intensity of each effect in the settings.


  • glitch effect
  • flickering effect
  • scanlines effect
  • albedo texture
  • rim lighting


Please note that the shader works with LWRP / URP only.

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