Unity Digest: Tools and Packs for Environment Production

Check out a collection of Unity packs and tools. The compilation includes a terrain and scene generator, a tool for cel-shading as well as a few packs with assets for Cyberpunk, medieval, or apartment scene. 

1. Gaia 2 - Terrain & Scene Generator

Grab an all-in-one Unity system for terrain and scene generation from Procedural Worlds. 

Key Features:

  • Wizar-driven simplicity;
  • Automated pipeline installation & optimal setup;
  • Stunning high-performance water system;
  • Mixed manual and procedural scene generation;
  • Biome system - use our sample assets or make your own;
  • Stamping system - mix and blend stamps to shape your terrain;
  • Spawning system - procedurally texture, plant, and populate;
  • Session system - backup and share sessions to reliably re-create scenes;
  • Extension system - create, share and leverage other assets;
  • Exporting system - bake and export loaded terrain meshes and textures;
  • Points of interest - spawn farms, villages, cemeteries, or whatever you can imagine;
  • Vegetation shaders with sss, snow, location variation, and world space cover;
  • Take and share screenshots with the screen-shotting system;
  • Set up your controller, sound, lighting, post fx, and water with a click;
  • Builtin, URP, & HDRP 7.2+ support;


2. Flat Kit: Cel / Toon Shading

Flat Kit will help you create a cel-shaded look for your project. 

  • Gradient fog: Multi-stop horizontal/vertical gradient Fog Image Effect
  • Terrain shader that works with Unity or third party terrain
  • LightPlane shader for 3D highlights and god rays
  • Mobile support
  • Built-in and URP support - all object shaders and post-processing effects support both rendering pipelines.
  • Vertex color support, also works with Polybrush
  • Ability to control Unity built-in shadows
  • Indirect lighting support
  • Intuitive, simple and streamlined interface — use only what you need
  • Color the scene precisely — without guesswork
  • Full source code
  • Elaborated online manual

3. Cyberpunk City Modular Kit Kitbash

Check out a collection of modular assets that will come in handy for a sci-fi or Cyberpunk-inspired scene production. 
What’s inside:

  • 136 Unique models
  • 63 materials
  • 32 Decal texture
  • 6 Visual effects

4. Village Interiors Kit

Grab a collection of interior assets for a medieval scene project from 3DForge. 

What's inside:

  • Villager Houses - Magic Shop - General Store
  • Cathedrals - Temples - Shrines - Castles
  • Tombs - Crypts - Catacombs
  • Fish Monger - Warehouses - Basements
  • Churches - Shrines - Thief's Hideout
  • Jails - Inns & Taverns - Libraries - City Hall
  • Crafting Hall - Auction House - Guild Halls
  • Blacksmith's Forge - Barracks

5. Modular Apartment Environment 


Check out a giant pack with a handful of exterior and interior environment props. 

This pack includes over 100 interior and exterior environment props as well as modular building pieces at different levels of detail. The pack also comes with a basic modular road, pavement, and three different types of railings, to create a small city environment with interiors.

All doors and cupboards open up at the hinges making the pack ideal for loot based games.
The windows and lamps have emission maps for night versions of your scene and a cloud dome is also included.
Textures range between 512 and 2048, and the uncompressed size is 12Gb.

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