Unity Digest: Voice Chat and Sound Tools for Games

Check out 5 Unity packs with voice chats, sound editing and audio visualization tools for game development.

1. Dissonance Voice Chat

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Add a real-time voice chat to your game with Dissonance Voice Chat. The installation doesn’t require any scripting, the chat works with any network system, has high-quality audio, includes multiple chat rooms, player-to-player chat, and powerful scripting API. The pack includes all C# sources. The chat works on all platforms.

Networks Integrations:

  • UNet HLAPI
  • Mirror
  • Dark Rift 2
  • Forge Remastered
  • Photon Unity Networking (Classic)
  • Photon Unity Networking 2
  • Photon BOLT
  • TNet3
  • Steamworks.NET (P2P)
  • WebRTC Network (P2P)
  • Custom scripted network backend

2. Master Audio: AAA Sound

Check an audio plugin with a handful of sound variations and pre-made sounds for your project.

With the plugin, you can create multi-layered music with cross-fading or gapless transitions, mix during real-time play and keep the options for the further use, create pre-made sounds for your scene without coding. The plugin is easy to set up and use and includes intuitive controls for better workflow.

3rd Party Integrations:

  • Atavism
  • Resonance Audio
  • Doozy UI
  • Koreographer
  • Salsa with RandomEyes
  • Playmaker
  • Behavior Designer
  • Bolt Visual Scripting
  • UFPS
  • NodeCanvas
  • ICode (was AI For Mechanim)
  • Dialogue System
  • RelationsInspector
  • 2D Toolkit
  • NGUI

3. Master Audio Multiplayer

Get an audio framework for Unity with extensive turnkey multiplayer features. The framework doesn’t require any coding for all players to hear your audio and works with Mirror and Photon.

4. 3D Visualizer Spectrum Vu Meter

Visualize your beats with a handful of patterns variations. 3D Visualizer Spectrum Vu Meter helps to detect the beat and create the audio visualization. The tool is easy to use and gives you enough space to improvise as much as you want. The pack also includes some pre-made scenes and visualizer prefabs.

5. Introloop

Loop the music in your games without cutting it into 2 parts. The tool allows you to specify 2 time points - Intro Boundary and Looping Boundary which will make the sound go back to intro point after reaching the looping point without repeating the very beginning before the intro boundary. This way, there is no need to cut the audio in 2 parts to create the looping version of it.


  • works with any compression
  • easy to experiment and adjust
  • easy to update the music
  • Automatic audio memory releasing and more

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