Unity Gaming Services Are Exiting Beta

Unity Gaming Services has become generally available offering developers multiple tools for building foundations for their games, improving player engagement, and driving game growth. 

Back in October, Unity introduced its Unity Gaming Services (UGS), a new cloud-based, integrated platform that provides a number of tools set to help developers build foundations for their games, improve player engagement, and drive game growth.

Since October, UGS has been tested by tens of thousands of game developers across more than 120 countries, and many popular games like Among Us, League of Legends, and Jeopardy have been built using the platform. And yesterday, the company announced that several UGS tools have graduated out of beta. 

Ship of Fools

According to Unity, UGS was designed with the idea to provide developers with a tool that will allow them to work the way they want. The platform can be integrated with any engine including Unity, Unreal, or any proprietary studio's engine. Besides, it is modular, so developers can choose the tools they need to use to complete their tech stack. The platform offers devs data centralized in one dashboard as well as SDKs designed for better interoperability.

UGS guides developers through every step of building a game starting with building the foundations. The platform helps managing players' accounts through such tools as Authentication which allows devs to assign an account to players and attach to them all the data generated by the backend products and Cloud Save which lets developers store and track players' data. It also helps enable multiplayer as well as configure and manage game content.

No Place for Bravery

Another module allows developers to engage their players. It offers such tools as Analytics that will help devs better understand their audience and other tools that, for instance, allow developers to target assets at different player groups or schedule them to be available for a specific time period.

The toolset also offers multiple solutions for game developers that will help them build communities, monitor performance, acquire users, and monetize their games. You can learn more about all the tools UGS has to offer here.

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