Unity Introduced Certification Program

Unity Introduced Certification Program

Unity found a great way to assess developers’ skills of using the game engine’s possibilities. Community presented a need for a

Unity found a great way to assess developers’ skills of using the game engine’s possibilities. Community presented a need for a useful tool of evaluation to ensure individual’s ability of performing certain tasks, game studios needed something that could tell them about emplyees’ strengths and weaknesses, and the beginners were looking for a way to communicate their talents to headhunters. That’s where Unity Certification Program came in.

The Unity Certified Developer Exam was designed to provide a credential that validates foundational skills for making a game with Unity, spanning key concepts in both technical art and programming. In addition to breadth, it also has depth: the feedback we’ve received is that it is a challenging exam, even for those with some experience under their belts, and that a passing score is a good indicator that an individual has the core skills required for successful game production in Unity.

It offers Unity developersat all levels an opportunity to challenge themselves, to test their understanding of the end-to-end game production process. Results are given immediately upon completion of the exam and shown by topic area, so areas of strength are identified as well as areas where improvement may be needed. By providing a challenging, meaningful indicator of Unity knowledge and skill, we also hope to provide aspiring game developers with a credential that will help them communicate their skills to employers and successfully transition into a professional career in games.


Certification candidates receive their results the instant they complete the exam. In addition to their final score, they are also shown a breakdown of their results by topic area, so they can see where they did well, and where they may need to brush up:

Unity Introduced Certification Program

The exam was developed  through extensive research and requirements gathered with an advisory board of commercial game studios and educational institutions. That’s how Unity ensured that the results will be able to adress emplyees’ desired skills. What is more, it is said to be useful to education systems, as it can complement and support the way educators teach.

The very first Unity Certified Developer exams in the world were administered at GDC and included members of the Unity Technologies team along with User Group Leaders and other enthusiastic Unity community members who were ready to take on the challenge:

Unity Introduced Certification Program

The Unity Certified Developer Exam is available at Unity Certification events around the world, including select Unite conferences and Unity Roadshows. Developers can take part in this program, spending only a couple of hours. Unity is also working on online exams, which will make the assessment widespread.

Make sure to review the Unity Certified Developer Exam Objectives to see a detailed list of the topics covered on the exam.


If after looking at the Exam Objectives you feel like you might need to study up — good news! We’re currently putting the finishing touches to an online learning program, the Unity Certified Developer Courseware, that directly maps to preparation for the certification exam. The Courseware includes instructional videos and game project-based exercises that encourage hands-on learning as it takes you through the process of making a working game with Unity, from the ground up. Though it is not required to take the exam, it provides a structured learning experience that can help new users build their foundational skills in game production. For those that already have some experience, courseware can help fill in any gaps in knowledge and help ensure they are ready for the full range of topics they will encounter on the exam.


Sign up to get notified about the courseware as soon as it’s ready.

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