Unity Multiplayer Report: 77% of Gamers Play Multiplayer Projects

A new Unity report reveals that the vast majority of gamers play multiplayer games, with the most popular genres in the category being Battle Royals and first-person shooters.

Unity has released a new report on multiplayer games revealing key insights into the features and functionality players want to see in multiplayer games.

According to the report, 52% of the population plays games and 77% of them are fans of multiplayer projects. The most popular genres in the multiplayer category are Battle Royals and first-person shooters – 32% of surveyed players picked up these genres among their favorite ones.

Sports and racing games were also among the most played genres that multiplayer fans choose – they accounted for 24$ and 23% accordingly. Meanwhile, the least popular multiplayer genres were puzzle and turn-based games – their share was 6% and 5% respectively.

The popularity of some multiplayer genres in various regions, however, differs significantly. For instance, the most popular genres in South Korea are not shooters, but MOBA and RTS, and players in the UK have a strong preference for sports games, while in Japan, for example, this genre is far less popular.

Speaking of what features affect players' decisions when it comes to the choice of a new multiplayer game to play, Unity researchers noted that social features are the prime decision driver, apart from the genre. 34% of surveyed players admitted that they choose to play a certain game when their friends are already playing it and 31% noted that in-game chat was a key factor in choosing their next game. 

The results of the survey also show that gamers who play crossplay titles spend more time playing multiplayer games. In addition, 22% of gamers responded that crossplay capabilities were among the top factors that affected their choice of multiplayer game.

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