Unity Sale: Stylized Creatures Packs

Unity Sale: Stylized Creatures Packs

Here are five great content packs with stylized creatures that might be a good addition to your Unity project. Aliens, foxes, wolves, bears, and a whole zoo with owls, flamingos, and monkeys. The packs are on sale until February!

Each alien has unique characteristics. For example, the alien serpent can attack with its claws and teeth, Sicklus is a flying creature with a very sharp tail that it can use for a poison attack, Telekinis is a very intelligent alien that can take a role of a commander or lower rank soldier. All creatures go in three different colors, fully riffed and animated with idle, attack, take damage, and death modes. The modes differ depending on the character. All of them are VR, AR friendly.

The pack contains these creatures: 

  • Serpent
  • Sickus
  • Horror
  • Telekinis
  • Magantis
  • Magantee
  • Longtail
  • Garoo
  • Ulifo

These animated animals can behave like real ones, or you can change their appearance and make them look like magical creatures. They are adapted to VR and mobile versions. The pack contains fox, wolves, deer, tiger, cougar, panther, mountain lion, bears and so on. 

Here are some features:

  • Environment included
  • 4 directional hit animation
  • scalable bones
  • blend shapes
  • basic AI
  • +60 animations 

Check out these cute dragons by Malbers Animations. They go in 3 styles: realistic, toon, and poly art, so you can adjust them to your game style. These creatures have defense, attack and death animations. 

Here are some other their features: 

  • Locomotion, Terrain
  • Fall, Jump, Fly animations
  • Scalable Bones, Blend Shapes
  • LookAt Aim Mode
  • Basic AI

The set is compatible with Horse Animset Pro!

This pack contains 10 characters that are fully animated and rigged. All the characters have unique characteristics, different temper, weapons and go in 3 colors. The pack is AR, VR friendly.

The characters are:

  • Polygonal Dragon
  • Polygonal Giant Bee
  • Polygonal Golem
  • Polygonal King Cobra
  • Polygonal Magma
  • Polygonal One-Eyed Bat
  • Polygonal Spiderling Venom
  • Polygonal Treant
  • Polygonal Treasure Chest
  • Polygonal Wolf

The Cute Zoo 2 set includes 21 animals with 6 animation modes: Idle, Run, Walk, Eat, Jump, Rest. 

Here is the list of them:

  • Owl - 294 Polygons
  • Kangaroo - 688 Polygons
  • Camel - 920 Polygons
  • Camel - 2 888 Polygons
  • Tiger - 1414 Polygons
  • Turtle - 730 Polygons
  • Monkey - 1177 Polygons
  • Flamingo - 816 Polygons
  • Boar - 822 Polygons
  • Buffalo - 846 Polygons
  • Gorilla - 814 Polygons
  • Crocodile - 760 Polygons

We hope these packs will help you during production. If you are interested in learning more about tools for game developers, we suggest you checking another Unity digest that covers this topic. 

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    Unity Sale: Stylized Creatures Packs