Unity’s Vision Virtual and Augmented Reality Summit
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Busan KR   15, Nov — 19, Nov
Minsk BY   15, Nov — 17, Nov
Minsk BY   16, Nov — 19, Nov
Utrecht NL   24, Nov — 26, Nov
Philadelphia US   30, Nov — 3, Dec
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Who just carries around $250.000 worth of files on a portable hardrive without any backups.. The bug is stupid, but this guy is a moron.

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Michael Allar here. Thanks a bunch for posting this, I really appreciate it. I'm also the guy who wrote that Confessions article that was posted here on 80.lvl as well.

Unity's Vision Virtual and Augmented Reality Summit
19 August, 2015

Unity Technologies has announced Vision Virtual and Augmented Reality Summit. A conference that is focused on the development of Virtual and Augmented Reality products.

The main point of the conference is to bring together artists, engineers, programmers, designers, musicians, directors, producers, hardware manufacturers, researchers and innovators. Together they will explore the potential of these emerging platforms.

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The event will take place at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood from February 10­-11, 2016! So if you’re in the mood for a little trip to USA you should definitely try it.

The Vision Conference is a development driven event. Together, the top tech specialists will focus on exploring new opportunities and facing new challenges that VR and AR technology bring to the market.

Unity Technologies will work on this event together with Oculus, Qualcomm Connected Experiences Inc., Sony Computer Entertainment, and Valve. All of these companies will demonstrate their technologies and talk to developers.

Vision Summit will feature talks and panels aimed at expanding knowledge and creating discussions on a wide range of topics including conceptual and practical design, technology deep dives, and new challenges facing developers such as interface design and implementation and creating fully immersive experiences.

VR and AR promise to change the way we interact with technology and entertainment. Vision Summit will bring the best minds together to discuss how the great potential in these technologies can be realized.

John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity Technologies

There will also be a competition between the best VR and AR experience and awards given out for best game, best films/interactive stories, and demo scene.

Source: visionsummit2016.com

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