Universal Copy/Paste Tool for 3d Editors
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very nice!

Universal Copy/Paste Tool for 3d Editors
1 May, 2017
Right now the 3d modeling tools market is full of various applications. If you read our articles on 80.lv, you can definitely see people using an abundance of various types of software in their workflow, which greatly increases the workload. It’s getting even trickier since you can’t easily copy/paste geometry from one software to the next. Well, this is about to change.

Currently, a fellow that goes by the name of Oliver Hotz, is working on a tool, which helps to copy and paste points, polygons, weights, uvs and material names across multiple applications. So far, the tool can only handle geometry copy/paste, but functionality will gradually develop. Since this is an open-source project, you can contribute and give your own solutions. There’s XSI, Cinema4D and 3dsMax that still need to be done, as well as the Houdini Exporter.

So far the software supports the following formats:

  • • Modo : Vertices / Polygons (incl. Subpatch and SubD)/ WeightMaps / UVMaps / MorphMaps
  • • Lightwave : Vertices / Polygons (incl. Subpatch and SubD)/ WeightMaps / UVMaps / MorphMaps
  • • Blender : Vertices / Polygons (incl. Subpatch and SubD)/ WeightMaps / UVMaps / MorphMaps
  • • Maya : Vertices / Polygons / Weights (via Vertex Normals) (Implementation by Andre Hotz)
  • • Houdini : Vertices / Polygons / Weightmaps, UVMaps (Paste Implementation by Chris Wells)
  • • Others : Looking for contributors to write implementations for other 3d Apps (see TODO)

You can find the installation information over here. And there’s a nice tutorial to help. you figure out how to use this toolkit.

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