Unreal: Adjusting Content to Perform on Target Hardware
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Many thanks for share 80.lv!

by Ayato
7 hours ago

features ? :))))))) , its long time that 3dsmax , maya and other autodesk tools are dead

Unreal: Adjusting Content to Perform on Target Hardware
29 November, 2018

Have a look at another useful session from the Epic team. When building new content for a given platform, or porting from one platform to another, it’s a common situation when you end up with assets that are too demanding for the target hardware. There are actually many tools in UE4 that will let you align the content you made with what the hardware can actually run. Let’s learn about these tools. 

In this session, one of the Epic’s specialists compares different methods for asset reduction such as polygon reduction, LODs, merging actors, and resizing textures to show which optimizations are effective in improving performance in different scenarios. The talk also discusses making your game load faster and hitch less through profiling and optimizing asset loading and garbage collection.

Make sure to discuss the talk in the comments below. 

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