Unreal for Unity Developers: a Way to Switch Engine

Unreal for Unity Developers: a Way to Switch Engine

Prime[31] started a new tutorial series that shows how easily you can switch to Unreal.

Some developers start game development in Unity and never bother to look at any other options without having at least seen how other engines do things. Sometimes they want something else, some other features and possibilities, but it might be really hard to switch between engines. Prime[31] started a new tutorial series that might solve this problem. The goal of “Unreal for Unity developers” is to help Unity developers get started with Unreal Engine. The creators are sure they can provide enough knowledge pretty quickly for you to be able to do your prototyping outside of Unity.

What is more, they state that artists could benefit from this series too. “Unity isn’t the most artist-friendly development platform, but for some reason a ton of artists are in there struggling, trying to write Seashore and purchasing piles of stuff off the Unity asset store in the hope that they can cobble together a game.”

People totally new to Unreal Engine and game development could also find something useful. You’ll get to the point where you can be comfortable enough to prototype in the engine. The tutorial will introduce the Unreal editor and show how it differs from Unity. The series is also about blueprints, of course. 

Take a tour to the Unreal editor and see how things are similar to Unity and how they differ with the first part of the series:

What do you guys think about the series? Do you think it is a good idea? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below. 


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Comments 4

  • pi666let

    Seems legit! Will be great to see more



    ·2 years ago·
  • Love

    Garry, we don't care.



    ·2 years ago·
  • Gary

    I've used both Unreal and Unity and I strongly prefer Unity.  The Unity workflow, massive community and super easy and cheap asset store make all the difference to me.  Plus now that I'm building VR games, Unity dominates.



    ·2 years ago·
  • NotEvenAUnityDev

    "trying to write Seashore"

    I think you meant C#



    ·2 years ago·

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