Using AI and AR to Create T-Shirt Designs

Shopify's Russ Maschmeyer demonstrated one more practical application for text-to-image AIs.

Shopify's AR/VR Product Lead Russ Maschmeyer, who just recently demonstrated a cool prototype that allows one to turn ideas into wallpaper designs using Stable Diffusion, has showcased one more practical application for text-to-image AIs. Powered by AI and augmented reality, the new prototype shown by Russ is capable of creating t-shirt designs from speech prompts said by a person. According to Russ, at the moment, the prototype cannot generate images in real-time, but other than that, "every other aspect of this concept can be achieved with today's APIs and hardware."

And here's the previous prototype demonstrated by the developer:

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  • Anonymous user

    Can you create unique Tshirt designs that include text?


    Anonymous user

    ·9 months ago·
  • Anonymous user

    can you create tshirt designs with ultra hd images of cartoons playing on the beach in the background


    Anonymous user

    ·8 months ago·

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