Using Slate with Megascans in 3dsMax
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Curious as to bipedal proportions, especially, as there seems to be good stylized, even with larger than life heads, eyes, yet they look "good". Is there a chart like there is for proper anatomy for drawing? It'd be great to see a comparison even though I realize there are many forms of stylized. I think that'd make a great article.

by QmisMan
2 hours ago

it's awesome

Your link to the Substance file on polycount is broken, the correct link is:

Using Slate with Megascans in 3dsMax
13 September, 2017

Juraj Talcik made a small tutorial, that should be really useful to 3dsMax users. Often in the Quixel Facebook Group, you can see questions on how to best utilize Atlas type textures from Megascans. The most common answer is to map them on plane, cut into parts and then scatter.

But what to do if you already have a model, a tree with million mapped leaves? Than you can quickly use Slate float controllers to copy atlas crop position and size across as many material IDs as you want. It’s much faster and flexible that cutting the texture itself. The tutorial is available as a huge image, which you can find below.

Juraj Talcik

Jurai is a very talented artist, who’s doing a lot of digital art and interior design. His arch-viz projects are really cool. Check them out when you have the time.


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Nevermind. Tried another browser. display fine.


The image is low res. Impossible to read it.