UV Mesh Plugin for Maya
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by koffee kingston
1 hours ago

There are different ways through which you can do this crafting of 2D into 3D like of scalling, shearing. https://errorcode0x.com/fixed-dell-printer-error-016-302/ helped me to get the best way to do this.

The reason this hashtag started was that there was a guy in Japan criticized the company behind pokemon(gamefreak) saying that their 3D artist are useless. and skilled 3D models would be able to be made in 5 minutes. He mentioned that you can do 800 pokemon each in 5minutes so close to 60 hours will be only needed. and if they can't do that, they are not worth the salary. and 3D modelers took this as a challenge. Resulting in 3D modelers doing modeling / sculpting in various 3D software.

by Jack
5 hours ago

Don't know if you're still having this issue but it's fixed by enabling "Specify Manual Texture Size" and then playing with the "Manual texture size" input until it seems right.

UV Mesh Plugin for Maya
10 April, 2019

UV Mesh is a nice Maya plugin that can be used to flatten a mesh to the ground plane in the form of the UVs. This tool, along with Maya’s Wrap Deformer, is said to be useful when wrapping detailed trim geo onto sculptured geometry, helping you set the trim perfectly along the surface of sculptures or clothing.

The pack on Gumroad comes with a READ_ME file with more information on how to use the tool.

What is more, the pack features a free Maya Deformer called NormalPush.

“NormalPush is a deformer that pushes all vertices on a mesh out along the normals. It’s similar to the Transform Tool in Maya, except you can paint vertex maps where you want it to be applied. It can also be animated so it’s useful for Modeling, CFX, Rigging, etc.”

You can learn more and get the pack for $4.99 here.

Desert Eagle MAG50 by Abderrezek Bouhedda is a next-gen game-ready weapon modeled part by part including perfect UV Unwrapping and PBR Textures.

See the full description

Contact Abderrezek Bouhedda

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