V-Ray for Cinema 4D Released

Another cool release from Chaos Group for V-Ray 5. 

Explore new rendering workflows with V-Ray 5 for Cinema 4D. The plugin upgrades the rendering pipeline with built-in compositing and interactive light mixing that will help artists achieve amazing photorealistic results. 

Key features:

  • Light Mix allows you to create various lighting scenarios and do the settings editing real quick without rendering again. 
  • With Built-In Compositing, you can combine render passes, set blending mode and adjust colors right in the software.
  • Faster rendering workflow with  empowered by NVIDIA RTX card GPUs, CPUs, or combined
  • The full support for Chaos Cloud,  cloud rendering service 
  • Volume rendering for various VFX, including fog, smoke, and atmospheric effects with grid caches from Houdini, FumeFX, and Phoenix FD.
  • AI Denoising brought by the NVIDIA AI Denoiser

Try now or purchase on the Chaos Group website. Don't forget to join our new Telegram channel, our Discord, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we are sharing breakdowns, latest news, awesome artworks, and more.


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