Valheim Native VR Mod Available in Beta

This new mod will let you explore the game in VR.

The latest Steam survival bestseller Valheim is getting a native VR mod. Modder Brandon Mousseau presented a beta build of Valheim VR, allowing players to explore the game with a PC VR headset. You need BepInExPack Valheim and download to make the mod work.

The new beta mod turns the game into a first-person VR experience. Please note that you will need a controller or keyboard and mouse to play it, but the developer plans to add support for VR motion controllers. The best thing is that you can even play in multiplayer mode with friends that aren’t using VR headsets.

As for the game itself, Valheim managed to sell more than five million copies on Steam. It offers players to explore a procedurally generated world, gather resources, make weapons, fight monsters, and more.

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