Valve Finds a Way to Fight 'Fake Games'
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by scqrlett jo
12 hours ago

hell yeah

The GDC clip is basically him talking on others people work completely unrelated to what he's supposed to sell. High five!

vaporware this..

Valve Finds a Way to Fight 'Fake Games'
4 April, 2017
Two popular YouTubers, John “TotalBiscuit” Bain and Jim “Jim Sterling” Sterling, visited the offices of Valve to learn something about the future of Steam. It appears that Valve created a system of algorithms for differentiating good games from the bad ones. 

Note that information comes from YouTubers, not Valve, but there is still something to think about. First of all, Valve will make sure that good games are visible and lazily developed games created for some money, which the company calls ‘fake games’ will be lost in a system of algorithms. 

This system has a risk of burying some good games too, so the company will introduce Steam Explorers. Explorers will play games with poor sales to see if there are some good ones and flag them. Anybody can be Explorer, just like with Steam Curators. Steam Curators system will be redesigned too. It will get embedded videos, top ten lists, different types of sorting and other features. 

Regular Steam users will get more info on games. You will be able to find out why a particular game is being shown to you, how many impressions that page gets, where those impressions come from, and more. 

The company is also sure that once Steam Direct launches, fewer games will be admitted and the quality will be higher.

Source: Kotaku

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